About us

Frankfurt am Main – dynamic home of the real estate industry and the construction sector. This is the place we call home, and from where we have established an industry-specific network throughout Germany. As a specialised recruitment consultancy based in Frankfurt, we boast a wealth of experience and a comprehensive level of knowledge relating to the industry – both of which will serve as great benefits to both companies and applicants*.

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Our values

In recruitment consulting it is not necessarily common to talk a great deal about ‘values’.  However, in doing so you can find out whether cooperation between two parties will be productive and beneficial for all involved, or if the parties will be operating in two completely different directions.

Leadership & Management

ARTES Recruitment is supported by a skilled and experienced team. It is managed by Bushra Nadeem as Managing Director and Bahar Mah as Managing Partner.

Bushra Nadeem

Good staff are not just highly qualified – they are, above all else, a perfect match for their team.

Bushra Nadeem Founder, Managing Director
ARTES Recruitment GmbH

Leading the diverse group of consultants at ARTES is founder and managing director, Bushra Nadeem. Focusing on the personal aspects of recruitment consulting early in her education, she studied Business Psychology at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, specialising in aptitude diagnostics. 13 years of experience, ten of which have been in the real estate industry, has equipped her with the comprehensive expertise and penetrating insights that have allowed her to thrive in a dynamic industry.

To date, she has been able to fill over 270 specialist and management positions in the real estate sector throughout Germany, and has frequently used her skillset to effectively and efficiently end previously-faltering recruitment efforts by coming in and discovering the ideal candidate. Now with establishing her own company she has achieved what she strives to make possible for all applicants – working in a role that is in accordance with one’s values.

Bushra Nadeem

Value-based action and empathy are key factors for successful recruitment consulting.

Bahar Mah Managing Partner
ARTES Recruitment GmbH

Bahar Mah is the perfect complement to Bushra Nadeem in the ARTES leadership duo. Both have already worked together in a managerial capacity at an internationally-renowned recruitment agency for the construction and real estate industry. As a former branch manager of a major European bank, Mah is an experienced decision-maker who brings with her a wealth of management experience from the financial sector.

In addition, she has held senior positions in the HR sector and as a management consultant. She identifies fully with the ARTES values – combining empathy and strong customer-orientation skills throughout her daily work, along with a fervent passion for team development.

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