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Time is of the essence when it comes to filling vacancies, because a team can only be successful when a gap is quickly closed. And not only is it time-consuming, but recruitment also ties up resources. That is why we take over the recruitment process for you, ensuring that with our knowledge and expertise your vacancies will be filled effectively and efficiently.

The path to the destination

This is how we find and recruit specialists and executives for you:

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How we work

With us you can choose between three different models – all of which have various advantages. Companies wishing to pursue searches simultaneously in different channels will find a suitable solution for this through selecting the flexible Contingency model. Most of our clients opt for the Retained model – focusing on one channel promises high efficiency and saves the company’s time budget. Many clients also like to entrust us with the sensitive candidate search for the highest positions, with our professionalism and our understanding of high-quality candidates being of particular benefit here.


This model is based on a success-oriented personnel placement and ensures the greatest possible flexibility for clients. In any case, costs only arise when a candidate that we have selected signs an employment contract with you.


Under this option, we take over the search for your dream candidate for you. Your company will not appear in advertisements and the entire process is handled exclusively by us. In doing so, we are committed to finding the right individual for you.

Executive Search
Executive Search

The search process for executive level individuals is characterised by a covert selection process, highly-confidential consultations and a high degree of empathy.

Professional fields

Are you looking to fill a vacancy in the field of real estate management? Are you missing an experienced civil engineer, a lawyer or an executive in industrial construction? We can support you in all areas of the construction and real estate industry by finding the ideal candidates to fill your vacancies.

Advantages for you

The search for specialists and executives who will truly fit in with your company, including your values and your vision, is a task requiring great responsibility. It demands a perceptive understanding of your industry and, in particular, a considerable level of passion and commitment for value-driven recruitment. At ARTES, we possess all these necessary characteristics. With us, you will benefit from a reliable partner who offers the following advantages:

  • Search for all role types
  • Accommodating of all company sizes
  • Time-saving from the outset
  • High-quality consulting
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Broad industry network
  • Individual recruiting plans
  • Discretion and accuracy
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Objective analysis of skills and motivations
  • Quick problem solving
  • More time for your core business

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