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Those who wish to change jobs desire to do it on their own terms. We understand that discretion is just as important when pursuing a new role as having control over your own data. Working with a recruitment consultancy is therefore a matter of trust – and we are completely aware of this, which is why confidentiality and transparency will always remain of the utmost importance to us.

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How we work

If the job you have is not the right fit for you, then it will remain impossible for you to fulfil your potential. But how can a vacancy and a candidate fit together like lock and key? We believe that values play a crucial role in forming this union and that is why we strive to match your values with those of the right company.

We also like to know more about you and the particular skills that you possess, because knowing these will help us find the right role for you – the role where we are confident you will feel at home and have the opportunity to excel.

Professional fields

Are you looking for a new challenge in the construction or real estate industry? Do you have a background in finance, project development, real estate management or real estate law? We work hard to find the best candidate for positions in these sectors and many more. We would love the opportunity to match you with your dream employer!

Advantages for you

Candidates who look to emphasise their own strengths often overlook crucial points – and we are here to help you address them. With a highly specialised and objective perspective that employs various methods, we look to develop a substantive profile of your skills and abilities. At the same time, we have a deep understanding of the values which the companies from our wide network possess and can therefore match you with the most appropriate employer. With our help and guidance, the effort you invest in your applications will be greatly reduced, allowing you to concentrate on the vacancies that are relevant and important to you. The entire process will be completely on your own terms – but we will be there at your side to discreetly offer professional and profitable advice. Further advantages of consulting with ARTES include:

  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Our extensive network in the industry
  • High level of expertise through specialisation
  • Classification according to skills & values
  • Possibility of speculative applications
  • Maximum confidentiality and transparency
  • Choose from several offers
  • Holistic support
  • Professional advice
  • Less effort required of you in applications
  • Valuable information ahead of interviews
  • Maximisation of your personal potential

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