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Recruitment consulting rethought

ARTES Recruitment is a new, value-oriented recruitment consultancy for the construction and real estate industry.

Trade associations agree: the construction and real estate industry is facing a shortage of skilled workers. This is a challenge for recruiters. Bushra Nadeem, however, remains calm about the situation. The business psychologist has specialised in filling positions in the construction and real estate industry for many years now and understands the sector incredibly well. With ARTES Recruitment, she has now established her own company.

ARTES takes the ‘people business’ seriously.

In her daily work as Managing Director, Nadeem not only draws on an expansive network in the industry, but also operates with a completely novel approach. “We look at a greater number and wider variety of aspects as compared to other consultancies. For example, we are particularly interested in the values of both companies and candidates as they are an important criterion for whether the two are truly suited to each other.” According to Nadeem, beyond their qualifications and CV, an applicant’s personality and their skills play a major role in judging whether they will be the optimal candidate to fill a certain vacancy. “ As a result, we are always focused on the central core of recruitment consulting – successfully bringing the right people together.”

An experienced team with the same values.

Alongside Nadeem, Executive Director Bahar Mah is responsible for the leadership of ARTES, with both have previously worked together in a managerial capacity at an internationally-renowned recruitment agency for the construction and real estate industry. As a former branch manager of a major European bank, Mah is an experienced decision-maker who brings with her a considerable level of management experience from the financial sector. She has also held senior positions in the HR sector and as a management consultant.

Nadeem and Mah lead a skilled team of six who cover all divisions between them – a hard-working group of varied personalities that complement each other perfectly. These include the two Senior Principal Consultants Nicole Konik and Shahid Nadeem (Construction and Technical Real Estate), Principal Consultant Tugba Celik (Legal), Senior Consultant Ibtissame Mellal (Financial Services), Project & Operations Manager Tamara Fels and Associate Blasko Savic (Real Estate).

What they all have in common is their commitment to five values, which abbreviate to give ARTES its name: authenticity, respect, transparency, empathy and stability.

Bushra Nadeem says: “If you are interested in the values of others, then you must have some of your own“.

We are united by the high standard of our work. That is exactly what makes this profession exciting and beautiful: making a promise and keeping it, and thereby adding the next chapter to the success story of many individuals and companies.”

The ARTES Recruitment team is looking forward to helping create those next chapters.


ARTES Recruitment, as a specialist in procuring experts and executives in the construction and real estate industry, brings employers and applicants together to ensure a profitable outcome for all.

Discover more at:

ARTES Recruitment GmbH
Grosse Gallusstraße 16-18
60312 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon +49 69 9 2020 85-11

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